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Student Chocolate Seder

03/28/2023 08:22:59 AM


Rina Liebeskind

The buzz in the room came from one hundred excited kids, looking enthusiastically at Seder plates set with chocolate treats. At our recent Chocolate Seder, led by Cantor Cohen and run jointly with the religious school at Congregation Anshei Israel, our Religious School students learned about the order of the Seder and the significance of the foods represented on the Seder plate. The children sat with their classmates, and each class led part of the Seder. The Pre-K and Kindergarten students led everyone in the motzi. At the same time, another class recited the Four Questions, and an older student played “Dayenu” on his viola. On the Seder plates, chocolate eggs represented hard-boiled eggs, Tootsie Rolls stood in for shank bones, and dark chocolate ced the maror, or bitter herbs. Fingers dipped into small cups of chocolate milk as the Ten Plagues were recited. The students went home with full bellies, sticky hands, and a deeper understanding of Pesach. 
Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783