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Steps to follow

More details about all the steps can be found below!
1) Please ensure that you are logged into your ShulCloud account.
2) Please make your dues commitment.
3) Please review your account information.
4) If you have children: Please review their information or add them to your account.
5) OPTIONAL: Add Yahrzeits to your account.

Logging into ShulCloud

To verify that you are logged into ShulCloud, please look in the top right corner of this webpage. If you see Welcome [First Name]! you are logged in and can proceed to the next step!
If you see LOG IN click here to log in. 
If you have never logged in before, or do not remember your password, click Forgot my Password? you will then be prompted to enter your email, and you will receive a link, by email, to reset your password.
If you have questions or run into any difficulty, please email for further assistance.

Making your FY23 Dues Commitment

To make your 2022-2023 dues commitment, please CLICK HERE.
Note, you will receive an error if you are not logged in.

To view the material about being a Pillar of Kol Ami, click here or see below.

Update your account information

Please take a moment (truly just one - that's the great part of ShulCloud, once you are logged in, all of your information is here!) to check the personal information we have for you. 
To make account updates, CLICK HERE.
HINT: You can log into ShulCloud at anytime and make changes to your account that will automatically sync with the information the staff and directory sees. To do so, click, MY ACCOUNT near the top of the page.

Adding other family to your account

If you have children that are apart of the Kol Ami community, please CLICK HERE to verify that they are listed on your account. If they are not, click, Add Person, to add them.

Adding Yahrzeits 

If you have a family member or friend that you would like to receive notification of yearly Yahrzeit, please CLICK HERE to verify that they are listed on your account. If they are not, click Add Person, to add them.
Sun, January 29 2023 7 Sh'vat 5783