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Make for Yourself a Teacher, Aquire for Yourself a Friend

05/10/2023 01:38:47 PM


Rabbi Cohen

I was nervous about coming to Tucson because I knew I would be a co-rabbi with Rabbi Thomas Louchheim. He seemed nice at my interview weekend, but how would this work in practice?! Would it be awkward? Would it be unclear who had rabbinic authority? What would be the nature of our relationship?    I should not have worried. Rabbi Tom has been nothing but gracious, welcoming, thoughtful, and open-hearted. He has been proactive in...Read more...


04/10/2023 11:03:49 AM


Rabbi Cohen

When the feature film, Denial was released, I went as soon as possible. Based on the book, History On Trial, the movie tells the story of a history professor, Deborah Lipstadt, and her fight to clear her name in libel court against Holocaust denier David Irving. She had called him a dangerous denier of the Holocaust. As a result, he filed a libel lawsuit against her in the U.K., where the onus of proof lies with the defendant. In other words, to...Read more...

Religion Transforms the Mundane into the Sacred

03/15/2023 03:36:38 PM


Rabbi Malcolm Cohen

The smell from the Kol Ami kitchen was intoxicating. I craned my neck around the door in hope. “Come in!” was the message from the Hamantaschen baking crew of the Men of Kol Ami. So, I put on my ‘hungry face’ and angled to taste their glorious offerings. Would it be cherry or chocolate? Either way, the innate generosity and pride of the bakers allowed me to sample their wares. On the face of it, this Purim baking exercise just involved...Read more...

What I'm Looking Forward To This Year

03/03/2023 12:00:34 PM


Rabbi Malcolm Cohen

Dear Friends,   Below are a few of the things you might hear me talking about or that I am looking forward to in the upcoming year.   Kol Ami Cares is the group that spearheads support for community members who have been bereaved, just had a new baby, or who have had a spell in the hospital. Contact Eileen in the office if you have a need or could help with this group.   Learn with Rabbi Cohen with the Kol Ami Chavruta...Read more...

A Kol Ami Trip To D.C. - The Start Of A Long Road

03/02/2023 05:00:27 PM


Rabbi Malcolm Cohen

I stared up at the Capitol Building. Its white, stone columns majestically stood to attention as a chill wind swept across the wide plaza. I shivered as I zipped my coat but sighed, satisfied at a good day’s work. Glancing fondly over my shoulder I saw four teenagers from Kol Ami who I had chaperoned on this trip, Lark Berger, Ember Berk, Amanda Biava, and Eli White, laughing as they took photos of each other at that famous site.   What...Read more...

Music Unlocks The Soul

02/02/2023 09:00:49 AM


Rabbi Malcolm Cohen

As a Rabbi, one of my roles is to lead prayer services. In Judaism, like in many religions, there are a huge varieties of ways we pray, ways we structure worship, varieties of liturgy and music. If I had a choice of what kind of service to attend, it would consist purely of wordless melodies, in Hebrew, niggunim, melodies to which we just sing, “lai, lai, lai” (not Hebrew! “Lai, lai, lai”, is just a version of, “la, la, la”!). These...Read more...
Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783