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The Kol Ami Religious School's mission is to provide an inclusive environment in which students and families engage in Jewish education that fosters a strong sense of identity and community. Because Reform Judaism is a living evolving faith, we are committed to meeting the changing needs and demands of our families.


The Kol Ami Religious School believes in providing a curriculum and educational program in which all children create lifelong, joyous Jewish memories. 
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Hybrid Learning

To better meet the needs of all our congregants, we offer a hybrid learning model for all classes. For more information contact, Rina, at


The goals of our religious school program are designed to be lifelong goals. Each goal describes the ideal behavior, which an adult Reform Jew will achieve throughout a lifetime of Jewish exploration. Jewish students will achieve the many aspects of each goal at growing levels of sophistication as they mature and develop.
⇒ To instill within our families an understanding of the importance of their involvement in the education of their children.
⇒ To build Jewish pride and identity.
⇒ To instill a love of Judaism, its holidays, symbols, rituals, songs, and values.
⇒ To delight in learning the Hebrew language through the Alef-Bet, vocabulary, and stories of our tradition.
⇒ To feel at home and participate in the life of the synagogue and learn about the power of tefilah (prayer).
⇒ To deepen our children’s love and knowledge of Torah and all Jewish scriptures as a means of establishing a relationship with God and community.
⇒ To embrace a commitment to the Brit (covenant between God and the Jewish people) as interpreted in the light of historic development and contemporary Jewish thought.
⇒ To study, understand and celebrate with joy Shabbat, Jewish holidays, and holy days.
⇒ To mark significant life cycle events with Jewish ceremonies
⇒ To affirm the historic bond to Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel.
⇒ To further the causes of justice, freedom and peace by pursuing tzedek (righteousness), mishpat (justice), and chesed (loving deeds.)
⇒ To seek actively and create a kinship with other Jewish communities throughout the world (Klal Yisrael).
⇒ To study and attempt to understand people of other religions and cultures.

ARJE Accreditation

The Kol Ami Religious School is proud to be accredited by the ARJE (The Association of Reform Jewish Educators). The accreditation process evaluated our program and concluded that our central purpose was Jewish learning. The ARJE defines Jewish education as preparing a lifelong learner for a committed and active Jewish life of worship, social action, celebration, and observance of mitzvot. 
The following accreditation goals were also met by our organization: Shared Vision, Educational Leadership, Resources/Infrastructure, Lifelong Learning, Interaction Among Stakeholders, Culture and Climate, Content Expectations, Planned Curriculum, Effective Teaching/Programmatic Staff, and Self-Evaluation: A Commitment to Process. 

Staff: Admin, Teachers, Madrichim

To achieve our goals and accomplish our mission, we have incredible teachers and madrichim
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We meet on Thursdays and Sundays for Hebrew and Religious School. Hebrew school is for students in 3rd-7th grade and is from 4:15pm-6:00pm on Thursday afternoons. Religious School is for students from age three through high school and meets on Sunday mornings. The ninth and tenth grade meet from 9:00am-10:00am (however remain at religious school for their internships). All other grades meet from 9:30am-12:00pm.
Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783